Conference: Migration and intercultural dialogue, causes of migration

Ljubljana, 19. Jun - Institute for African Studies -IAS invite you as guest speaker on 20th of June 2008 about the state of politics and the challenges of Africa from an academic as well as global sustainability view point. - As you know 20th of June is the international day of refugees.


Amnesty International Report 2008 and AI Slovenia appeal on EU-USA meeting

Ljubljana, 8. June - Amnesty International has released new Report on Human Rights. You can see the full report here.

HRPP Round table: »Is the European Union Actually a Place of Respect for Media Freedom?«

Ljubljana, 3 June - Human Rights Press Point, operated by the Peace Institute for the time of the Slovenian EU Presidency in cooperation with the Slovene Association of Journalists and the Slovenian Union of Journalists, invites you to attend a roundtable on the state of media freedom in the European Union. The event will take place in Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana (Štihova Hall) on Monday, 9 June 2008 at 6 p.m., on the eve of the Summit EU-USA.

European Disability Forum: European Disability Movement Leaders Discriminated by Slovenian Air Carrier

Ljubljana, 1 June – The Annual General Assembly of the European Disability Forum gathered more than 150 delegates from 29 countries in Ljubljana.

New Slovene scientific quarterly dedicated to Euro-Mediterranean Studies

Ljubljana, 27 May - The University Center for Euro-Mediterranean Studies (EMUNI), Scientific Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) are proud to announce the launch of a new scientific quarterly dedicated to Euro-Mediterranean Studies.

Serbia after the Election: What next?

Beograd, 21 May - A week after the May 11 parliamentary, provincial and local elections, Serbia still has no knowledge as to who will govern her in the time to come.

Serbian Elections: No Problem Solved, New Opportunities in Sight

Beograd, 13 May - The May 11, 2008 elections, considered by a majority of parties involved, other stakeholders and observers at home and abroad to be of decisive importance for Serbia's future development - did not bring much of a change to the complicated political theatre.

HRPP Roundtable: »Influence of EU Policies on the Respect for Human Rights«

Ljubljana, 5 May - Human Rights Press Point, operated by the Peace Institute for the time of the Slovenian EU presidency in 2008, invites you to attend a roundtable on the role of the European Union on the respect for human rights.

Communication Intervention on Erased People, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, 21 Apr - On April 16, 2008 a Communication Intervention was started in Ljubljana with a purpose to encourage resolving of the status of erased. The Intervention is titled <> which means ‘erased for 16 years’ (16 years ago 18.305 people were erased from the register of permanent residence; this violation has still not been remedied).

NEW MONITORING REPORTS -- Television across Europe: Follow-up Reports 2008

Bucharest, 20 Apr - New monitoring reports on television regulations and practice are available as of today. The reports cover four countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Romania. Reports on five additional countries, as well as an overview, will be published in the coming months. All reports will be translated into local languages.


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